What is a cap liner?

A cap liner or seal is a pre cut disc made of foam, pulp, foil laminate or other material that is inserted into a closure before it is screwed on the container in order to obtain a better seal.

How do I determine the right type of liner for my application?

Selection of the right liner will depend on several factors such as container and cap material, product being packed (powder, liquid, high acidity, chemical), process temperature, and application requirements (prevent leaks, tamper evidence, have a basic barrier, etc.).

Do I need special equipment to use cap liners?

Pre cut cap liners and seals are manually inserted into the closures before screwing them on the containers. For relatively large volumes you may want to consider a semiautomatic cap lining machine (contact us for more information).
No other equipment is necessary unless you are using Induction liners. These will require an “Induction Sealer”. For more information on Induction equipment contact: www.enerconind.com.

What is induction sealing?

Induction sealing is a non contact heating process in which a special foil laminate liner is bonded to a container lip, resulting in a 100% leak proof, tamper evident seal.For more information contact:


What are some of the advantages of induction sealing?

Some of the main advantages that induction heat seals provide are:
1 Maintain/Extend product freshness
2 Provide tamper evidence
3 Prevent contamination
4 Prevent leaks
5 Improve product presentation/ boost customer confidence.

Are cap liner sizes standard?

Short answer: Yes/No. Although there are “standard” sizes for liners and caps/container necks, these can vary between manufacturers/countries. For instance a “38mm” cap can use a 36.5mm, 37mm or 38mm liner depending on cap supplier. So, although there are “standard” liner sizes it is recommended to verify fit in the closures before placing an order.

Can liners be printed?

Yes. All of our liners can be printed with STD or custom messages. Our standard prints are: “Sealed for your protection” and “Sealed for freshness” and can be done in RED, BLACK or WHITE. For custom prints, send us your logo or custom message requirements and we’ll put a quote together for you.

What is the minimum quantity to be purchased?

Minimum quantities will vary depending on size/material required. In some cases it may be as low as 1000 pieces while in others, 100,000 or more. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll figure out a supply plan that will suit your requirements.

What is the typical lead time?

We do not stock pre cut material; all our cap liners and seals are made to order to ensure product quality and freshness. Typical lead times will vary depending on product type and current production schedule.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

How can we test your liners?

We will be more than glad to supply you with free of charge samples so that you can test fit on your caps, or you can send us samples of your containers and caps and we will test fit/seal them for you.

Need help? Contact us today and use our expertise to assist you in determining the right liner for your application.


Need tamper evidence? Try our induction seals today.