B&B specializes in manufacturing of pre cut liners and seals. We have focused our efforts in defining and optimizing the converting process which translates into high quality, cost effective products for our customers. 

What makes us different?

  • Cutting edge converting technology – High efficiency converting equipment that produce high quality liners.
  • Flexibility –Thousands or millions, we can fulfill any size order.
  • No tooling charges – we don’t have the size you need, we’ll make the die, no charge to you.
  • Wide range of sealing materials – we can provide a cap seal/liner for any type of container/application: food, beverage, medicine, lubricants, etc.
  • Wide range of standard sizes – Discs from 18mm -120mm.
  • Custom die cutting – pull tabs, special shapes, custom diameters.
  • Testing – Fully equipped testing lab with all the tools to determine exact liner size, test seal fit and seal your containers.
  • Cap lining – Whether you need us to insert liners in your caps or supply caps with liners, we can handle your lining requirements.


Master rolls are slit to the optimal width to ensure waste is minimized and the best price for each application can be offered.


Differentiate your product by using your own custom print message.